IT for remote working

The traditional office set up is being shunned by the modern workforce in favour of embracing more global lifestyles and better work-life balance.
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IT for remote working



Collaboration tools

Microsoft 365 is perfect for businesses that need full remote working capabilities and collaboration tools. This includes MS Teams with is used for collaboration including instant chat and video conferencing.

It also includes secure cloud storage for sharing files and collaborating on documents through MS OneDrive and SharePoint.

This includes your business email and premium office applications including Word, Excel and PowerPoint.


external communications

SenSys IT provides cloud-based phone system solutions through our partners at 3CX. This allows users to dial out as if they were in the office and gives great flexibility by allowing users access their phone system through a mobile app – the 3CX WebClient which is a browser-based solution.

it at a fixed monthly cost

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IT platforms for remote working


IT support for remote working


Cloud access for remote workers



Communication for remote working


VPN for remote connectivity


Team collaboration software


IT security for remote working


Web meeting functionality


We take a holistic view of your business

The All-In-One technology bundle that grows as your business grows.

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top priorities

Our smart monitoring software monitors servers, desktops, PBX’s, CCTV recorders and other on-site controllers. We at SenSys set performance paramenters and if the server or device underperforms or operates outside its usual behaviours then our technical team is automatically alerted of a potential issue or a failure.



  • Laptops
  • Printers
  • Screens
  • Deskphone
  • Mobile Devices
  • Servers
  • Access Points


  • Software deck
  • Cloud solutions
  • CRM system
  • Backups
  • Failovers
  • Security
  • GDPR


  • Customer experience
  • Call cost
  • Hardware
  • Software licencing
  • Headsets
  • Maintenance
  • Call queues

On-going support and service from SenSys CARE 24/7/365. Our technical team provide preventative maintenance, tech support and system health monitoring of our networked IT systems.