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Sensys IT can help your business with Server Design, Implementation, Monitoring and Support.
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Why SenSys for desktop support

Our servers and desktop support packages covers typical every day issues such as printer issues, password resets, general system maintenance, updates and patching.
Support for MS365 including Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint and your typical everyday office apps.

Our experienced team have many years of experience with server builds and support. Specifically focused on Intel and Dell servers and storage solutions for small business and enterprises to bespoke servers for windows based PBX’s and servers and storage solutions with hundreds of terabytes for CCTV solutions

Our services

  • PC & desktop support
  • PC patching
  • Anti virus updates
  • Live helpdesk
  • Microsoft server support
  • MAC and Windoes supported
  • PC and server purchasing
  • Server building and config
  • Instant remote support

Just one provider

SenSys IT offers one complete 'end to end' package. All network components are installed, monitored and maintained in a reliable and expert manner.
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On-going support and service from SenSys CARE 24/7/365. Our technical team provide preventative maintenance, tech support and system health monitoring of our networked IT systems.