Fibre Optic Network at Luttrellstown Castle and Estate

SenSys Technology Team design, install and cable the fibre optic network



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Luttrellstown Castle and Golf Club

Luttrellstown Castle and Golf Club is a luxurious and exclusive resort based in Castleknock, Dublin.  It is well known for hosting celebrity weddings such as David and Victoria Beckham and Home and Away stars James Stewart and Sarah Roberts.

The castle and associated buildings have large thick walls and the 567 acres of grounds and walled estate & castle date back to the 15th century. There are old ducts and cable routes within the grounds.  Luttrellstown was upgraded in 2005 and renovated in 2017, with additional bedrooms added and due to be available from in April 2020.

the goal

Under new management, there was a lack of local knowledge of cable routes and network infrastructure throughout the estate.  The internet service provider terminates in the championship 18 hole golf club situated 1.8km from the main castle and resort. On the estate there is also a maintenance workshop, events centre and lodge all requiring network connectivity and LAN (local area network) access to the main network.

The local network was required to network all EPOSTelephonyIP Security systems, Hotel PMS systems as well as other IP digital systems and the same Internet access.




SenSys Technology was called in to design, install and cable the fibre optic network and we completed the project in 2 phases.

Phase 1:

  1. Identify and rod all existing underground ducts and cable routes.
  2. Mark on CAD drawings the location of all existing underground ducts and manholes and pull a draw rope in all ducts for suture works for future reference for management.
  3. Identify what Fibre Optic network infrastructure was existing and in place including its condition using specialist  FLUKE testing equipment such as Laser and OTDR (Optical Time Domain Reflectometer)
  4. Create a report for management of what was in place, what we could re-use across the vast estate, a schematic of their network of underground ducts and a proposal and costing for the installation of new single-mode fibre optic infrastructure throughout the estate and repairing and networking existing fibre throughout the estate to give a super fast fibre network backbone throughout Luttrellstown.

Phase 2:

  1. SenSys professionally installed new 12 core fibre optic cable in existing ducts that were previously identified and found as clear or cleared.
  2. SenSys repaired 2 existing fibre optic cables to eliminate the need for civil works or spoiling the immaculate gardens and grounds.
  3. SenSys Technology terminated using a fibre splicer (Fibre optic Splicing), in patch panels in the main castle and out buildings.
  4. Our Fibre Optic Specialists terminated in suitable duct grade/manhole grade fibre optic enclosures.
  5. Finally we tested using OTDR equipment, documenting results, zero loss and super fast bandwidth speed availability across the fibre optic backbone providing management future proof and rock solid fibre network connectivity throughout the campus/estate.

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